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Broken Sword - Story & Features

When young American tourist George Stobbart takes a seat at a pavement cafe in Paris, little does he realise he`s about to embark on an adventure that will take him across the world in a life or death struggle against ancient conspiracy that threatens civilisation itself... The cafe is destroyed in an explosion which George is lucky to survive. He realises that not only has he seen the victim but the murderer too - an evil assassin who planted the bomb while dressed as a clown.

Finding that the police are taking no action, George has little choice but to get involved. With the help of beautiful journalist Nico Collard he begins to unravel a complex series of clues that show this murder was one of a string of killings spread across the globe. And a bigger picture begins to emerge...

From Irish pubs to Syrian clubs, from clowns to countesses, from secret wells to Scottish chapels, they close in on a terrible truth: The ancient order of the Knights Templar is alive and well, thriving under a fanatic Grand Master with megalomaniac intentions - and only George and Nico can thwart him.

To do so they`ll have to survive homicidal doctors, trained assassins, undercover ticket inspectors and rogue cops - and all without firing a single gun! Nico`s old friend Andre Lobineau proves invaluable as they attempt to solve a myriad of puzzles centred around an ancient Templar manuscript. As the trail is uncovered it becomes clear that George and Nico must stop the Grand Master and his entourage at any cost.

- Over 60 Characters to interact with.

- More than 50 usable items.

- Over 70 hand-drawn locations to explore.

- Stunning Super VGA graphics.

- 18 separate beautiful animated sequences.

- 260 Sound effects and 2 Hours of Original music.

- Over 50 hours of gameplay.

broken sword:
the shadow of the templars

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