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Broken Sword 3 - Story & Features

George Stobbart and Nicole Collard are drawn into a terrifying conspiracy to harness an ancient power. Brought together by fate, coincidence and the intiging mystery, they will fight sinister forces, uncover ancient conspiracy and discover a fiendish source of pure evil.

Lure into steamy jungles of congo, eerie castles in Prague, the chic back-streets of Paris and the historic English village of Glastonbury, the duo must unrave the mystery of the "Voynich Manuscript" which holds the secrets of the ultimate evil power, The Sleeping Dragon, and save mankind.

- Stunning graphical presentation

- For the first time in realtime 3D!

- A unique and fresh approach to adventure gaming.

- Control both George and Nico.

- Fully immersive and addictive storyline.

- Loaded with suspense!

- For the first time on Playstation 2 and x-Box.

broken sword 3:
the sleeping dragon

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