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Broken Sword 2 - Story & Features

Six months has passed since la petite affaire of the Neo Templars in Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars. While George has spent the time in the USA tending to his dying father, Nico`s journalistic investigations have put her on the trail of an international drug smuggling operation. Intercepting a package in which she expecting to find cocaine, or worse, she instead discovers a mysterious stone covered in strange symbols. She contacts Professor Oubier, a well-known Mayan specialist, who excitedly invites her over...

And George arrives back in Paris, just in time to join her. He`d rather catch up after their time apart, but he nevertheless agrees to go with Nico to Oubier`s house - and that`s where once again George and Nico`s world goes polvre-shaped. George is knocked out, Nico is abducted and soon our two heroes find themselves wrapped in the middle of a drug lord`s plan to unleash an evil Mayan deity on mankind. Without leads, George can do nothing but contact Andre Lobineau - with whom no love is lost - and persuade him to help find their mutual friend before she meets and untimely death.

From Paris to Marseilles, Central American to the Caribbean (via London), George and Nico clock up the air miles, solving puzzles as they go, making new friends and enemies - and sometimes meeting old ones. Whether they`re up against CIA agents, cocaine lords, power-hungry dictators, mysterious scientists, Mayan artefacts, fallen priests, powerful shamans, even movie stuntmen - they respond to the threats and the danger in the normal manner; with brains, not bullets.

As they race against time to avert the ancient prophesy - said to coincide with a coming eclipse - George and Nico must find the means to prevent the deadly secret of the Smoking Mirror being unleashed.

- Beautiful animatied sequenses and stunning Super VGA seq.

- Over 60 chracters to interact with.

- Over 60 usable items.

- Hundreds and hundreds of mind-bending puzzles.

- 2 hours of original music.

broken sword 2:
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