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Other - F.A.Q.

If you have a question that isn't answered here, please send us a e-mail.

Q: Can I take pictures and things like that to my site?

A: Yes, things copyrighted to Broken Sword Zone (=things made by us - NOT Revolution), but you do not have the permission to sell things copyrighted to us.. Although you can NOT take the design. But if you take something copyrighted to Revolution or other things that isn't copyrighted by us be sure to always ask the one who owns the copyright for permission before using it.

Q: Can I put up news and other texts (like articles, reviews) on my site that I finds on this site?

A: Yes, of course, as long as you always mention that the news/articles/reviews and other texts (+ author) from Broken Sword Zone comes from this website.

Q: Can I link directly to your downloads and other files?

A: No, because it would take to much of the webtransfer the webhotel offer. And if it goes over the line we would need to pay extra, so please don't.

Q: If I want to do a Broken Sword game, with stuff from the Broken Sword games (e.g. Dialouge, Graphics and so on), can I take that kind of stuff?

A: Contact Revolution for more info.

Q: Why is the website so small?

A: Ah, the general why is the website so small question :)... That's probably because you have a big resolution... Try to change your resolution to 1024 x 768 or 800 x 600. Go to your desktop, right click, choose properties, then preferneces, and now you can change resolution. But don't to change the color quality. The design was made in a 1024 x 768 resolution with 32 mbit color depth, and that would be the optimal way to browse the website.

Q: Why is Broken Sword 4 not in 2D? When will Broken Sword 4 be released? How will George look? What kind of underwear will George have? Who is Broken Sword 4? Why is Broken Sword 4?

A: Before e-mailing us asking about Broken Sword 4 - The Angel of Death, PLEASE check out our Broken Sword 4 section.


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